Thank you for the work you have done over the past year as part of the Translation Service team! As a team of freelance translators and revisers from around the world as well as in-house project managers, translators and administrators, we are committed to helping new migrants and the wide diversity of language communities in New Zealand.

New Zealand communities and government agencies rely on our integrity and trustworthiness and have been impressed with our speed, quality and service.

This monthly newsletter has been initiated to help keep us all, whether in-house or freelance, informed of interesting events and changes that affect us. We also intend to include tips, advice and examples to help with translating and revising as well as a calendar of upcoming events and items of interest. This will include some guidance as to what is expected from a translator, reviser and proof-reader and how to handle some of the more difficult translations.

Each edition will feature a short introduction to one of our team so that we can get to know each other better. Please send any contributions you would like to make to the newsletter or any feedback or ideas you have to help improve it.