All translations are not equal. A good translation is one that conveys the same meaning as the source text and sounds natural in the target language (if that is the desired outcome of the translation). Some do just the opposite. Here are some of the greatest howlers found in translation, taken from the Engrish website. We hope you enjoy them.

If you come across funny mistranslations, leave a comment to share them with us.

1. Interesting food

If you feel lonely and neglected, head to Busan, South Korea. The café The Table offers ‘Delicious love making just for you’. Let’s hope it comes with a long black.

2. Beware of what’s in your plate

Thai cuisine is famous around the world for delicious, fresh and spicy flavours, balancing disparate elements to create a harmonious finish. In Pattaya, Thailand, a restaurant took it one step further and offered: ‘Fried Horse Crap with Lime’. Now that’s a balancing act!

3. Rock your valuables

You either have style or you don’t. Catering for the rock stars that we all are deep inside, a bowling alley in South Korea has a ‘VIP Rocker Room’. Don’t just lock your valuables, rock them.