Tēna koutou!

Picture of the Matariki constellation
Matariki, the Maori name for the Pleiades

Happy New Year! The past month has seen both Matariki and the new financial year for government as well as Māori language week. This has been a time for us to reflect on our annual customer survey results as well as statistics on how well we’ve been meeting deadlines and the quality of work we’ve done this year. Overall the results have been good. Our customers have ranked us well in our customer survey – still with some room for improvement – but overall their feedback is encouraging and warrants a big thank you to all translators, revisers and project managers who have helped make this year a success.

As a side note, our translation numbers have reset to 0000 for the new year. Please keep these as four digit numbers by adding leading zeros (i.e. please use the number “0023” rather than “23”).

The other major event this month was the NZSTI conference last weekend where NZSTI adopted a new Code of Ethics that is fully aligned with the Australian (AUSIT) code. As a trusted public service, ethics and integrity lies at the heart of what we do. I’d like to affirm that we fully endorse the new code and that the whole team here strives to ensure we demonstrate excellence in their ethical conduct and integrity. The new code can be viewed online.

This month’s Update features an interview with our Hindi translator Vishal Anand as well as a discussion of government translation and the first part of the ten key qualities we are looking for in a translator. Best wishes for the new year and happy translating!

Quintin Ridgeway