As the royal family celebrates the birth of the third-in-line to the throne, let’s look back to one of George’s predecessors, the infamous King George III who lost both the American colonies and his mind. Now, his birth certificate isn’t readily available, as you can imagine. Some of our clients face the same issue: they may not have an official birth certificate in their possession for various reasons. Sometimes they will provide a letter from a chief of village confirming their birth details, a hospital record, or even a school certificate. It is up to the Citizenship and Immigration authorities to decide whether the document provided is acceptable or not. Our job is to extract the relevant details, fill out our template, and clearly state what the original document is.

The sample selective translations of this series are here to illustrate our guidelines and help you improve your selective translations. We hope you enjoy these mock translations as much as we enjoy doing them. Feel free to leave your comments and questions.

Disclaimer: Members of the royal family do not need to lodge an immigration application to come to New Zealand, especially when they have passed away a long time ago.

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Birth Details – George III