The 22nd Annual Conference of NZSTI was held in Tauranga over the last weekend in June.  It broke new ground by being organised jointly by the Christchurch and Tauranga members, who all did a great job of working together.

View of Tauranga from Mount Maunganui
View of Tauranga from Mount Maunganui

The venue was the Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club, which sits at the end of the Tauranga Marina looking out to Mount Maunganui.  The weather was beautifully fine, which made it a pity to be pulling the blinds down at the start of each session.

As well as NZSTI members from throughout New Zealand, people had come from Australia including some speakers.  Two ladies from Oman had come all the way to New Zealand to attend the Conference, and made a great contribution to the proceedings.

A major theme this year was the new Code of Ethics, which is the same as the code adopted by our counterparts in Australia.  There were some excellent speakers including Judy Saba, the Diversity Trainer for the New South Wales Police, who is responsible for training police to work more effectively with interpreters.  Claire Loftus Nelson led a panel discussion for freelance translators on how to work with project managers.

NZSTI holds a conference every year, usually in June.  It is a great opportunity for translators and interpreters to come together and meet colleagues who are dealing with similar issues.  This is especially valuable for translators and interpreters who are working freelance and do not have many chances to meet others working in the same field.  Please think about coming along to the next Conference – you will gain so much from it.

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