Every year, International Translation Day is celebrated on St Jerome’s Day throughout the world. Established in 1991 by the International Federation of Translators under the patronage of Saint Jerome – the Bible translator, International Translation Day celebrates the important work translators and interpreters do in an increasingly globalised world, and raises awareness on language and cultural issues, and the need for translation.

Did you do anything special to celebrate on Monday 30 September? (If so, let us know.) We certainly did.

The Translation Service invited the rest of the Department of Internal Affairs to an informal afternoon tea. The aim was to raise the profile of TTS within the Department and to discuss potential cooperation opportunities. About ten people from Births, Deaths and Marriages, the National Library, Government Technology Services, and the Authentication Unit came along. We had some interesting conversations, in particular with the National Librarians, which will hopefully open up new possibilities. Our intention is to launch a series of discussions with the rest of the Department to identify language needs and how we can help government to meet them.