Archives NZ, which is part of the Department of Internal Affairs, gives access to a wealth of historical documents, and they have set up a Flickr page to share it more easily. Many of the documents held by the institution are charged with emotional value and offer insight into the history of New Zealand and the forging of a nation. Our selective translation of the month uses a coded telegram that was sent from the Buckingham Palace to announce the birth of Prince Charles. The process following a royal birth was slightly more elaborate then than it was earlier this year when Prince George was born. Click the image to find out how to deal with all this when doing a selective translation.

The sample selective translations of this series are here to illustrate our guidelines and help you improve your selective translations. We hope you enjoy these mock translations as much as we enjoy doing them. Feel free to send your comments and questions.

Birth details – Prince Charles


Disclaimer: This mock selective translation wasn’t requested by Immigration NZ or Citizenship.