This is a brief review of translation and language news from around the world, along with the links to the relevant content. Let us know if you come across interesting online content!

Poet and French-English translator Pierre Joris was asked to share his rules for translation, but he replied that he’d much rather explain how he sees himself and why he translates. Why do you translate?

With the New Year, industry pundits like to reflect on the year that just ended and make predictions for the coming year. Adam Blau of Blau Consulting shares his insights about the growth of the translation industry, payment processes, machine translation, and increasing numbers of consultants and trainers.

Similar to the issue debated in New Zealand in April 2013, the Washington Post published an editorial on 3 January 2014 calling for special visas for Afghan interpreters.

Alan Yu of NPR reports on the findings of recent research on language and how it shapes one’s cognitive processes. Speakers of different languages not only see the world differently but also think differently.