Screenshot of the page orientation option in Microsoft WordAs you know, the Translation Service requires that all official translations that you do for us are in portrait format. The reason for this is that these translations are printed on our letterhead, which is itself in portrait format.

This may cause you headaches, as not all original documents are issued in portrait format. In fact, most academic and other certificates are issued with a landscape page orientation. This is not so much of an issue when the amount of text is fairly small. But at times, you will need to reproduce a table with a lot of content (that’s when you might have needed to reach for a box of Panadol until now). TTS does not really have a standard policy for such cases, but you have two options:

  • You can either split the table in two or more parts, and clearly mark which columns are which; or
  • You can reduce the size of the font. From a general perspective, Arial 11 is our preferred font, but we are open to some size flexibility, as long as Arial 11 remains the main font of the translation.

As always, when you are stuck with an issue, feel free to write us an email if you need some advice or clarification.