This is a brief review of translation and language news from around the world, along with the links to the relevant content. Let us know if you come across interesting online content!

Aimee Berg of Aljazeera America talks to two Russian interpreters about the difficulties and challenges they face at the Sotchi Winter Olympic Games, especially when they have to interpret the words of an American 20-year-old snowboard gold medallist who’s just too cool for school.

Researcher Carol O’Sullivan published an interesting post on the relationship between writers and their translators, including the controversial gender issue.

Victor Mair, a contributor of the Language Log published by a team of language and linguistic experts at the University of Pennsylvania, writes about the uproar that followed an official blunder in Hong Kong stating that Cantonese was not an official language of the Special Administrative Region.

Poor Google translations may become an issue for Google Translate. Jack Clark of the Register reports on the irony of the situation.