Front of a driver's licenceBack of a driver's licenceThis month we look at our driver’s licence template. Our clients who request them are almost all tourists travelling around New Zealand. They want their translations fast and accurate, so there’s no room for error. But driver’s licences are slightly trickier to translate, especially since the requirements are quite different from those for selective translations being submitted to Citizenship or Immigration New Zealand. For example, there’s no need to capitalise the holder’s surname, but you still need to use square brackets. Click the image to find out more.

Selective translation of Driver’s licence

These sample selective translations are here to illustrate our guidelines and help you improve your selective translations. We hope you enjoy these mock translations as much as we enjoy making them. Feel free to send any comments or questions or to request a specific template to be highlighted.


Disclaimer: This mock selective translation is not an actual translation requested by Benjamin Baker.