Welcome to the first anniversary edition of the newsletter of The Translation Service! We hope you have enjoyed reading the articles as much as we have enjoyed putting them together. This year we are also proud to celebrate one of our longest serving translators, Pravin Patel, who has been working with us for 40 years! Find out more in his Proust questionnaire…

This month, we’ll discuss how we help government agencies get their messages out to New Zealand’s communities through translation and we’ll hear from Shieva who has just completed a secondment writing content for the govt.nz website – this is a huge project to make information about all government services much easier to find through one location.

We’d also like to announce that we have finally unrolled our on-going translation quality tracking system. In short, this will mean that each translation you provide for our customers will be rated for its quality and we will be able to track quality over time so that our project managers can better able to select the best translators and revisers for each assignment.

On a more sombre note, I would like to reiterate my apologies that our translator gathering was cancelled this year due to the current financial and political environment. In any case, we are still hoping to hold an event later in the year where we can meet each other. We would like to invite you to drop by our office on Mulgrave Street anytime – we would love to see you in person.

Wishing you happy reading and happy translating!