This April, we take another look at our Social Footprint template. It is by far our most versatile template as it can be used for a range of documents depending on the purpose of the translation. Declan and Lola requested a translation of their tenancy agreement in London to show that they have been living together for a while and that their relationship is genuine. Alfonso suggested a selective translation to keep our fees down which made the Heaveys very happy. As usual, our guidelines for selective translations apply. If you don’t have them, request a copy. In the meantime, click the image to find out more.

Tenancy agreement – Heavey

These sample selective translations are here to illustrate our guidelines and help you improve your selective translations. We hope you enjoy these mock translations as much as we enjoy making them. Feel free to send any comments or questions or to request a specific template to be highlighted.


Disclaimer: This mock selective translation is not an actual translation requested by Declan and Lola HEAVEY. We have no idea who they are and whether they ever considered migrating to New Zealand.