Tēna koutou!

Happy Matariki! Celebration of the true beginning of the New Zealand year begins this month with the heliacal rising of the beautiful constellation of Matariki! The first sighting of Matariki (the Pleiades) in the dawn sky signals that the shortest day and the southern Winter solstice have passed. Just like the European calendar that begins shortly after the northern Winter solstice (21 December), our traditional Māori lunar calendar begins shortly after the southern Winter solstice. This month is packed with New Year’s events: http://www.matarikiwellington.org, http://www.matarikifestival.org.nz

Māori and the languages of the Pacific are a cornerstone of the work we carry out at the Translation Service and I hope you also enjoyed Samoan Language Week at the end of last month, celebrating the Samoan language and culture which have become a major part of the cultural tapestry of New Zealand.

In this month’s newsletter, Sandrine will report to us on the translator training course she attended at Auckland University along with Stefan, who have worked together with Claire on a project to help develop the skills and knowledge of our translators.

Happy reading, happy translating and happy Matariki!