Whenever we are dealing with a translation project which involves DTP (desktop publishing), we layout the translation in the original art file (e.g. InDesign or Illustrator) in order to match the layout of the source language; ready for printing.

Sometimes, this can be a long copy/paste process and since our Graphic Designers do not usually understand or read the target language, we ask the translator to proofread the PDF file to check whether the translation has been laid out correctly.

What you need to do is check carefully that the text has been put in place correctly and there are no spelling mistakes or obvious errors.

But how can you mark up and outline the changes on a PDF file? Adobe Acrobat offers different options such as crossing out the text, highlighting, underlining, inserting pop up notes etc.

Although all of the above tools are very helpful, sometimes they can generate confusion. For example, if you cross out a single letter, this can easily be missed. For the sake of consistency, we have come up with few simple guidelines that we would like you to follow whenever you are required to proofread a translation on a PDF file.

First step – Highlighting the text: Select the word or the sentence that you want to change, then right click and choose “Highlight Text” as shown in the below figure:

Screenshot of step one

Second step – Creating a Pop-Up note: Once the word or the sentence is highlighted, right click again and choose “Open Pop-Up Note”

Screenshot of step 2Third step – writing your change or comment: When the Pop-Up Note appears, write in the change you want to make. For example, we want to change the word “Nuovi” into “nuovi” because in this case we don’t want the capital letter. We have re-written the correct word in the Pop-Up note; this way our Graphic Designer will understand that “Nuovi” has to be replaced with “nuovi”.

Screenshot of step 3

We are pretty confident that the above instructions are very easy to follow and that all of you already knew this review process. However, as usual do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further clarification.