Sunny weekends at the beach are now giving way to shorter days and evenings huddled up in front of our computers or curled up on the couch with our favourite translations. At home, our pet rabbit is getting more-and-more reluctant to run around the garden and is retiring full-time indoors – a clear indication that the weather has turned and that it’ll be Easter soon.

This month’s newsletter will feature our Indonesian translator Sadrach who prides himself on his integrity and the quality of his work ā€“ both of which I can personally attest from the high standard of translation work he does.

Our full translation process has changed. Note that this will have no effect on selective translations. Our translation process involves a text being translated by a translator and then revised by a reviser and this will stay the same. However, previously the revised translation would be returned to the translator to accept the reviser’s changes and finalise the translation. The translator will no longer be required to do this in the new process ā€“ instead the reviser will read through and finalise the translation as well as provide an assessment of the quality of the translation. Translators can expect to receive feedback on the revised version as well as any assessment that is made on the quality of their translation.

This new process puts more responsibility and emphasis on the quality of the revision and so we will be working closely with our best linguists on the revision process. There will also be a change to the rates we are offering both translators and revisers in order to reflect the change in work required.

On a final note, this year we celebrate the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Translation Service! Our editor, Stefan, has been researching into the history of the Translation Service and the translation industry in New Zealand and will put together an article about what he has discovered. Much has changed since the days of hand-written translations or typing pools!