This is a brief review of translation and language news from around the world, along with the links to the relevant content. Let us know if you come across interesting online content!

Tel Aviv University launched a new programme in medical interpreting to help Eritrean refugees in Israel when they go to the hospital. Listen to the podcast on the website of Tel Aviv’s English-language internet radio station TLV1.

Apple launched the Apple Watch, for which ‘you don’t even have to use words’. Non-verbal communication is the future, or so it seems. The Intersect blogger and Washington Post journalist Caitlin Dewey wonders if we still need words.

American journalist Robert Lane Greene takes a stand against ‘zombie nouns’ in his blog Prospero. Out with nominalised verbs and in with short, clear sentences and concrete nouns.

What if the internet, TV and crowdsourcing contributed to revitalising endangered languages? Viki and the Living Tongues Institute launched an Endangered and Emerging Languages Programme, an initiative aimed at crowdsourcing subtitles for popular shows in endangered languages. The National Geographic published the official press release.