So much has happened since our last newsletter – the NZSTI conference, Diwali, the Japanese and Korean Festivals, our translator gathering on Translation Day and several Pacific Island language weeks celebrating Samoan, Cook Island Maori, Tongan, Tuvaluan, Fijian, Niuean and Tokelauan. Phew!

Our translator gathering was an exciting event and I’d like to personally thank the many translators, who came from near and far to celebrate International Translation Day with us.

We will be sharing some thoughts and photos from the day and we’ll also hear from Fanaura, our Cook Island Maori translator, about what it means to speak Cook Island Maori.

I’m sad to announce that our two administrators Alfonso and Jess have both moved on – Jess has been promoted to a more senior position in the public service while Alfonso has moved to England with his family. Best wishes to you both for an inspiring future ahead! The flipside of this is that we are privileged to welcome Sylvie and Linh onto our team! We’ll be learning more about Linh through her Proust questionnaire.

We have a wonderful, sunny kiwi Christmas to look forward to this year (fingers crossed) so put on some sunscreen, find a nice, relaxing spot on the beach and enjoy some great reading below!