Mox is a young but well educated translator. Two PHDs, six languages… and he hardly earns the minimum wage. Find out more about Mox’s adventures on his blog.

Comic strip showing Mox and a woman: Mox says 'I had a CAT too but I had to get rid of it because it wouldn't run fast enough.' The woman replies: 'You got rid of your cat because it wasn't fast?' He then says 'No big deal. After all, I made it run for 14 hours a day for two years. I'll just buy a new one and make it run even longer.'A policeman appears andgrabs Mox 'You d'on't understand, Officer. I'm a translator and my CAT tools are part of my job...' The officer says 'this one will end up in a psychiatric hospital.' Mox 'Yipee! Lots of time to translate!'.