Image of a Hello My name is tagWelcome Sylvie and Linh!

You may have been in contact with Sylvie or Linh in the past month and wondered who they were. Both of them joined The Translation Service recently as our new administration officers: Sylvie holds our reception, while Linh manages all our emails. We wish them a great start at TTS, and invite you all to say hi next time you’re in Wellington.

Lisa and Stefan on secondment

Both Lisa and Stefan were on secondment. Lisa was seconded to the team that manages the IT modernisation of the IKS branch, which TTS is part of, and returned to her regular employment on Monday 3 November. Stefan was seconded to the Ministerial Support team that oversees the Change of Executive following the general election. He returned to TTS on Thursday 30 November. We now have a full house! Well not quite… as Bill is away on leave for 3 weeks!

TTS Learning and Resources Hub launch

It is finally time for us to launch our e-learning platform! The content will grow as we develop new modules. For now, you will be able to meet the team, find out what we think are good translations, learn the art of selective translations, and test your knowledge of our guidelines for selective translations. There’s also a forum, and useful resources. Please make sure you visit it and let us know what you think. Email Stefan if you’d like to find out what this is about, or select the Training tab.

Do you have any news that you would like to share with us? Contact us and we will publish it in the next issue!