This is a brief review of translation and language news from around the world, along with the links to the relevant content. Let us know if you come across interesting online content!

The media have recently been going ‘nuts’ on the nut incident that happened on Korean Airlines last week. Victor Mair of Language Log, a blog maintained by a team based at the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania, writes about nuts and peanuts, and their different meanings in American English and Korean.

Are you involved in the publishing industry? You can apply for Creative Europe’s Literary Translation fund, and get up to 100,000 euros for the translation, production and promotion of 3-10 European works of fiction.

Gizmodo had hands-on experience of Skype Translator, which aims at ‘breaking down the global language barrier’. The results don’t really meet the goal, but technology is developing very fast in that area.

Fiona Macdonald of the BBC introduces Ella Frances Sanders’s book ‘Lost in Translation’. The author illustrated 50 words that have very specific meanings in languages around the world. But are they really untranslatable?