We all have favourite authors… but do you have favourite translators? Marty Orzio, Chief Creative Officer at Grupo Gallegos, does and writes in Engage:Hispanics to explain why, and how it inspires his daily work.

Larry Taylor, a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology of Northumbria University reports on The Conversation on the findings of research conducted by a team of scientists from Peking University in China. They have found that differences between Mandarin and English change the way the brain’s networks operate!

Bangladesh’s Dhaka Tribune calls for a boost to translation efforts to support the use of the Bangla language. Most people in Bangladesh ‘need and want to see more works translated into Bangla, not rely on English’.

New York Times’s Nicholas Wade reports on the latest developments of research into language history, and announces that the debate around the originis of the languages of India, Iran and Europe may soon be over. His is a fascinating account of how biology plays a key part in determining the history of languages.