It’s been a while since our last round of office news… and so much has happened – or is about to happen!

‘Wee Buck’ is coming!

Picture of Lisa holding a potted plant
Lisa is expecting ‘wee Buck’

Yesterday was Lisa’s last day before going on maternity leave. As some of you already know Lisa is now heavily pregnant, and should give birth to ‘wee Buck’ (as she calls the baby) pretty soon. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments, and on the baby’s name too.

Amy, Jing and Linh organised a little baby shower last week to celebrate Lisa’s and Aaron’s new adventure. Current and former team members were among us, and everyone was made to sing a lullaby – thankfully no one recorded the event.

As you can imagine, Lisa’s departure will leave a big – temporary – gap to fill. The plan so far is for her to return to the office in 2016. In the meantime we will be looking at recruiting someone to cover for this period. You should find out more soon.

Picture of Quintin holding his rabbit
Quintin brought Bunny to work

Closed for Easter

Today is our last day before Easter weekend. The office will be closed tomorrow Friday 3 April and will reopen on Tuesday 7 April. To celebrate the upcoming long weekend, our manager Quintin brought in one of his rabbits for some bunny cuteness and morning tea. The event was very popular with everyone in the building.


We’ve now starting using XTM and some of you have already created accounts and logged into the system. One thing we discovered is that you didn’t get access to the job information that we added to each project. For now, we’ve decided to add this information in a separate reference file. Please make sure you open it as it will include specific instructions and job details.

We’re also interested in hearing your thoughts, so feel free to send us feedback.

We’re moving (again)

Our office will soon move again to a more central location in Wellington. We will let you know when that happens, and where we’re moving to. Feel free to come and visit us in our current office!