Confusion recently arose because of an Apostille: we sent a file for selective translation to one of our regular freelance translators, but it contained two pages – the first page was an Apostille, the second a birth certificate. Since our guidelines for selective translations don’t mention Apostilles, the translator was slightly confused and decided to carry out a time-consuming full translation of the two pages.

To prevent this from happening again, and to kill two birds with one stone, this month’s post on the art of selective translations deals with a certificate of no criminal record attached to an Apostille. You will find out how to fill out our Certificate of No Criminal Record template and what to do if the document you’re translating is attached to an Apostille. Please note that we can only use this template for clean criminal records. If a conviction is listed, a full translation will be required. Click to learn about the selective translation of an Apostilled certificate of no criminal record. Also, if you are confused about the assignment we’ve sent you, please contact us to clarify the situation before undertaking any translation work.

These sample selective translations are here to illustrate our guidelines and help you improve your selective translations. We hope you enjoy these mock translations as much as we enjoy making them.

For more information on Apostilles please read this blog post or go to the Authentication Unit’s website.

Disclaimer: The Ministry of Naughty People and the Centre for Disciplinary Action and Naughtiness Prevention do not exist.