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June 2015

Welcome Maria!

It’s been a while since we last gave you some news from the office so we thought it was high time we told you what was going on in our little corner of the world.

As many of you already know, Lisa left on maternity leave at the end of March to give birth to little Rhys, a healthy, wee cutie, and came to visit us before her 3-month trip to Ireland. She will return to the office at the beginning of next year if all goes according to plan. Continue reading “Welcome Maria!”

Fundamentals of Revision

Revision is one of the main bones of contention within the translation industry. Many translators complain that revisers often overstep their┬árole and go overboard with their corrections. While this may or may not be true, revisers are often left in the dark as to what they are meant to be doing. Continue reading “Fundamentals of Revision”

The internet: a catalyst for language extinction?

What do you see when you think about the internet? Like The Guardian‘s Holly Young, many of us will visualise ‘something hazy, suspended somewhere above our heads […] composed of tiny, moving fragments of information and simultaneous conversations […], limitless’. Continue reading “The internet: a catalyst for language extinction?”

Is translator still the best job?

Some of you may be puzzled by the question. Many translators love their profession for various reasons, but it is a long way from claiming it is the best. Continue reading “Is translator still the best job?”

June 2015 news

Is translation an art or a math problem? This is the question that Gideon Lewis-Kraus of the New York Times Magazine asks after attending the First Machine Translation Marathon of the Americas held in May at the University of Illinois. Looking at the history and development of the long-sought ‘Universal Translator’, he gives us insight into the ever-increasing rift between computational linguists and ‘human’ translators, and questions the rationale of taking the ‘human’ out of the equation. Continue reading “June 2015 news”

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