Revision is one of the main bones of contention within the translation industry. Many translators complain that revisers often overstep their role and go overboard with their corrections. While this may or may not be true, revisers are often left in the dark as to what they are meant to be doing.

The Translation Service has put together another e-learning module to address this issue and clarify our expectations. The module is made up of two parts:

  • one is devoted to several key principles of revision and recommends ways to develop a revision strategy that is specific to the text and its translation at hand;
  • the other is a scenario-based quiz which will take you through the revision of a New Zealand English to British English translation. While the original and the translation are both in English, the principles of revision still apply.
Image of the starting screen of the e-learning module
Click the image to start the Fundamentals of Revision e-learning module.

We hope this will help you gain a better understanding of what revision is, whether you are a reviser or a translator. Our overall goal is to produce high quality translations – an effective revision as well as a constructive relationship between our translators and revisers are two key factors in achieving this result.