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August 2015

Love: proof is in the power bill

Love letters and other poorly written correspondence may be used as evidence of a long-standing relationship… but in the eyes of the authorities, as far as proof of love goes, nothing beats a good power bill. Continue reading “Love: proof is in the power bill”

Love letters and other poorly written correspondence

Love letters aren’t really your standard fare when working for a language service provider. At the Translation Service however, we often have to translate personal correspondence, in the form of love letters, postcards, online chats, SMS exchanges, or even transcribed phone conversations. The vast majority of these translations are done to provide evidence of a long-standing relationship to New Zealand immigration authorities. At times, translations may be required in the context of a court case or a police investigation. Continue reading “Love letters and other poorly written correspondence”

Did you say ‘Inuktitut’?

The Translation Service has a reputation for being a specialist of languages of low diffusion. Currently, we have linguists for over 140 different languages, and most of them are not large commercial ones. That, and our commitment to high quality, are the reasons why we’re often called upon to provide translation and other language services for your less common languages, which are rarely covered by private agencies for lack of profitability. Continue reading “Did you say ‘Inuktitut’?”

Mayan edition of Mexican paper, SL interpreters at music concerts, and other news

Indigenous language maintainance and support are issues that have particular resonance in New Zealand, especially at this time of the year – Te Wiki o Te Reo (Māori Language Week) was celebrated throughout the country last week. GlobalVoices reports on the launch of a Mayan language edition of one of Mexico’s main newspapers. Imagine if the NZ Herald or the DomPost were published in Māori! Continue reading “Mayan edition of Mexican paper, SL interpreters at music concerts, and other news”

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