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September 2015

Happy International Translation Day 2015

The time has come again to celebrate International Translation Day! True to tradition, the Translation Service is holding an event tonight to mark the date. We’ve invited all our freelance translators and revisers to celebrate our profession together and say ‘thank you’ for the work they’ve done over the year.

Unfortunately, many are based outside of Wellington, and won’t be able to attend. We’ll take some photos of the event and post them here, but we hope that you will celebrate in some way! Continue reading “Happy International Translation Day 2015”

We’re currently redesigning the look and feel of Translating Aotearoa. It will be completed by Wednesday 30 September. Suggestions are welcome!

Translating Aotearoa

Quintin presented a paper at the 2015 NZSTI Conference which was held in Wellington last June. Here’s the transcript of his presentation.

Continue reading “Translating Aotearoa”

What do you want to chat about?

One of our freelance translators recently came into our new office to find out more about XTM-Cloud and learn how to use this new tool. Within an hour she became familiar with the system, asked me lots of questions, and was able to meet the whole team. Her feedback was very positive, and I was happy I could help her.

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Brazilian slang, dying languages, punctuation mysteries, and other news

Translating is no easy task, especially when dealing with Brazilian gang slang, jokes, and poetic rabbits. Donna Bowater of the BBC was at the annual International Literary Festival in Paraty, Brazil and spoke about the role and challenges of literary translation with Paulo Coelho (whose international success wouldn’t have been possible without the English translation of The Alchemist), Zoe Perry (who translated Coelho’s latest novel Adultery into English), and Alison Entrekin (who translated Paulo Lins’s City of God into English). Continue reading “Brazilian slang, dying languages, punctuation mysteries, and other news”

Transl-[iter]-ating issues

Are your working languages English and Russian, Thai or Arabic? Are you constantly navigating between scripts? If so, then translation includes the added difficulty of transliteration, and the ‘to transliterate or to not transliterate’ dilemna. Continue reading “Transl-[iter]-ating issues”

Oddities of academic document translations

Unlike the specific guidelines we already have in place for selective translations, the Translation Service is currently working on its guidelines for other types of official translations, such as educational documents. That being said, we’ve had a look at how to format full translations, and covered some of our other requirements for official translations in previous posts. Continue reading “Oddities of academic document translations”

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