Unlike the specific guidelines we already have in place for selective translations, the Translation Service is currently working on its guidelines for other types of official translations, such as educational documents. That being said, we’ve had a look at how to format full translations, and covered some of our other requirements for official translations in previous posts.

Unfortunately for those who have completed their studies in a non-English speaking country, we don’t provide selective translations of academic documents. These must be translated in full to be part of an application for immigration or professional registration. The applicants might also need to get an International Qualifications Assessment from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority if their qualification is not on Immigration New Zealand’s List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment.

At the Translation Service, we have a few set rules for translations of diplomas, certificates and academic transcripts:

  • Make sure that all page margins are set to 2.54cm.
  • Set the font as Arial 11 – some sections may be in a larger or smaller font.
  • Double-check that the ‘before’ and ‘after’ spacing values are set to ‘0 pt’ under the Paragraph settings.
  • Always insert 8 line breaks and keep the page setting as ‘Portrait’ to accommodate for our letterhead.
  • Add the heading below before the beginning of the translation:

Translation <job number>
Issued in Wellington, New Zealand on <automatically updated date

[Translated from <language>]

  • Keep the names of the institution and course, degree or diploma in the original language and insert a translation in English between square brackets, e.g. ‘Master Konferenzdolmetschen [Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting]’.
  • Use ‘[signed]’, ‘[logo]’, ‘[coat of arms]’, ‘[stamp: The Translation Service]’ etc. where appropriate.
  • Finally, insert the following line (in italics) at the end of your translation:
    [By law the New Zealand Qualifications Authority determines the value of overseas qualifications in New Zealand.  This translation should not be seen as an assessment or validation of any qualifications.]

To help you visualise this we’ve created a mock translation: click here to view the translation of Mr Hariri’s degree from French into English. Born in Syria, Mr Wahbi Al-Hariri studied at the French National School of Fine Arts, and later became a world renowned architect based in New York City. He did not request a translation of his degree.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.