Translating is no easy task, especially when dealing with Brazilian gang slang, jokes, and poetic rabbits. Donna Bowater of the BBC was at the annual International Literary Festival in Paraty, Brazil and spoke about the role and challenges of literary translation with Paulo Coelho (whose international success wouldn’t have been possible without the English translation of The Alchemist), Zoe Perry (who translated Coelho’s latest novel Adultery into English), and Alison Entrekin (who translated Paulo Lins’s City of God into English).

What makes a language ‘endangered’? Hopes&Fears blogger and linguist Ben Macaulay offers a short guide to endangered languages, and lists 8 different languages – including the Australian Sign Language – highlighting the diverse circumstances that put them at risk.

Did you know that the ancient Greeks wrote their texts withnospaceorpunctuation and no distinction between lower and upper cases? Keith Houston of the BBC reports on the mysterious origins of punctuation and wonders if emojis are a new form of punctuation.

Literary translator and blogger Laura interviews Andrew Morris, a translation industy influencer who runs a small translation agency, manages the popular Standing Out group on Facebook and recently published a book titled The Book of Standing Out – Travels through the inner world of freelance translation.

Translator and Translator Thoughts blogger Chiara Grassili shares her insights on marketing strategy for freelance translators. Do you know who your target clients are? If not, read her post!

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