In her article published on The Conversation, Stephanie Rudwick, an African Studies researcher from the University of Leipzig, questions the merits of a policy implemented at the University of KwaZuku-Natal in South Africa making it compulsory for tertiary students to learn Zulu. An interesting read on the tension between ideology, political interests and educational practice.

Japan applies its love for robots to translation in response to booming tourists numbers. The Asian Correspondent reports on the small devices that will be offered from next year to bridge the language barrier between tourists and locals. No indication is given as to the quality of the translations provided.

Andrew Jack of the Financial Times writes on the weak, yet growing demand for literary translation in the UK, and the shift to ‘domestication’ as the leading style of translation. With translators’ contribution to the success of a novel being increasingly recognised, what share of the credit should they receive?

Translator, court interpreter and co-author of The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation Judy Jenner gives 48 short pieces of advice for translators and interpreters in a guest post for Lingua Greca’s blog. Short and to the point!

As state leaders meet in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly, Jeremy Hobson of NPR’s news show Here & Now interviews UN interpreter Helen Reynolds-Brown. Listen to the podcast to learn a bit more on the challenges of conference interpreting.

OxfordWords, a blog maintained by Oxford Dictionaries, asked 9 translators what they love about translation. What would your answer be?

This is a brief review of translation and language news from around the world, along with the links to the relevant content. Let us know if you come across interesting online content!