TMap of New Zealand drawn by Captain Cookranslating Aotearoa is a blog maintained by the Translation Service of the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand to communicate with its pool of freelance linguists from around the world. The content is developed by our blog team and includes the Service’s guidelines and expectations, some training material, general information about staff members and freelance translators, insight into the translation industry, and some humour too.

Our overall goals are to involve our freelance translators more in what we do, create a sense of community among our translators and our in-house staff members, and enhance the level of interaction between the Translation Service, translators and those generally interested in the translation industry.

First things first, we’d like you to meet the team!

Feel free to leave your comments, or to contact us with any idea or feedback. And please come and visit us if you ever come to Wellington, New Zealand. Happy reading, and happy translating!

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