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Macrons, the easy way

Polynesian languages like Māori, Samoan and Niuean use macrons to mark long vowels. There are different ways you can insert macrons when you type on a computer, including through the use of codes such as Alt + 0257 for ā and Alt + 0275 for ē. The easier option, and one that can be used outside of the Microsoft Word environment, is setting up your input language as English (New Zealand) and using the Māori keyboard.

All you need to do then is press the ~ key (top left of the keyboard) followed by the relevant vowel.

plural noun: macrons
  1. a written or printed mark (¯) used to indicate a long vowel in some languages, or a stressed vowel in verse.

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NZSTI Conference in Christchurch

Conference logo pngThe national conference of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI) is being held in Christchurch on 28-29 May at the Rydges Hotel. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity for professional development or an insight into the inner workings of the New Zealand T&I industry. The conference is open to professionals, students and anyone with an interest in translation and interpreting. Continue reading “NZSTI Conference in Christchurch”

Treaty of Waitangi – Found in Translation

The New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI) announced the launch of an ambitious project on Waitangi Day 2016: the Treaty Times Thirty project. To celebrate the Society’s 30th anniversary over 90 translators will work together to translate both the English and the Māori version of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. NZSTI recently opened participation to non-NZSTI members. Would you like to be one of the 90 translators? Continue reading “Treaty of Waitangi – Found in Translation”

It is translation, more than speech itself, which provides incontrovertible evidence of the human capacity to think and to communicate thought. We should do more of it.

David Bellos, Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything

Chris Durban’s coming to Wellington

International speaker and freelance translator Chris Durban will hold two events in Wellington in January 2016:

  • Pricing issues in translation: is this where you want to be?
  • A Business acceleration masterclass for translators with Chris Durban.

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C-3PO, Taste the Translation, and other news

Will Skype Translator – or Star Wars’ C-3PO – replace translators? Barb Darrow of Fortune seems to think so. What do you think?

Ever wondered how to compete with free translation services or C-3PO? A translation company decided to challenge Google Translate with your tastebuds. ElaN’s Taste the Translation shows you the value of human expertise. David Griner of Adweek reports. Continue reading “C-3PO, Taste the Translation, and other news”

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